Salesforce for

Supervise student engagement and interventions at all endpoints, get a particular viewpoint of all your students.

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Customized Student Experience

To deliver individualized material across all mediums, organize and improve student interactions.

Campus Collaborations

To enable virtual management, create a connected campus that provides smooth student experiences.

Centralize Operations

Control every aspect of the student lifecycle, including enrollments and interactions.

What we as CRM Consulting Partners bring to Salesforce Services for Education

Easy Enrollments Admissions

complete single-views of each applicant’s information.

Well Equipped Data Architecture

Modeling student relationships and course affiliations using industry-standard objects.

Convenient Students Experience

Student Information that is easily accessible and unified allows the university to offer smooth services.

What you can expect to achieve from our services for Salesforce for Education

Simplify Recruitment

Find the right students and employees to raise recruitment yield, and improve recruiter efficiency.

Support Students

Assist students wherever they are by participating in forum conversations

Alumni Engagement

Develop long-lasting alumni connections to maximise their lifetime value.

Customized Experiences

Giving students a sense of togetherness through on-brand students learning experience.

Connect all Shareholders

Share significant updates, work together, and point users toward significant resources and information sources.

Work Better Together

Create and promote campus collaboration to dismantle traditional silos.

Implement Salesforce Education Cloud

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Creating relevance advice faculty for students and staff, offering pertinent guidance, individualized solutions, and perceptions into their experiences.

Deliver Digital Engagement

Going above and beyond what students anticipate, and to maintain connectivity across all barriers, including distance.

Get a 360-Degree

Perspective of Students to optimize involvement of students and improve services for academic system.

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