Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services from Cloud Shark can use its integrated data to deliver personalized consumer engagement which scales across all web, mobile, email, social and digital advertising platforms.

Why Cloud Shark?

Use Journey Builder to create personalised user experience based on their interactions. Send Customise Emails, SMS and Notifications to retain consumers.

Predictive Analysis helps you predict consumer action by analyzing consumer behavior data stored in mass quantity.

Integration of multiple tools helps in understanding/predicting consumer mood based on their actions, marketers can use when to send or pull back messages based on these predictions/analysis.

Tools for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation Services

Connect with new customers or nurture the existing customers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud on all channels. Address your organization’s marketing needs using SDFC Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Data Studio

Data Studio can be used to discover new audience and expand their reach. DMP ( Data Management Platform ) can be used to have full control over the data sharing across users.

Email Studio

Email Studio helps in sending customized emails to customers using templates. You can categories, target and automate email process using Email Studio. Email studio offers analytics and A/B Testing for performance tweaking.

Mobile Studio

Send Personalized SMS and Push notifications irrespective of location, proximity and devices using Mobile Studio to maximize customer engagement

Salesforce DMP

Data Management Platform captures, stores and analyses data across all platforms to create meaningful insights for customizing consumer experience

Journey Builder

Journey Builder helps in building an automated and customized journey by mapping customer journey through tracking and data.

This helps in sending personalized emails, notifications and ads on appropriate time to retrieve consumer.

Interaction Studio

Keep an eye on consumer actions in real-time to provide offers, discounts based on consumer engagement. Create profiles of individuals based on their interaction with online and offline services to provide personalized experience.

Convinced? Confused? Have Ideas?

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